Simulation Tools

The HSIS Lab Virtual Reality (VR) CAVE is a 3-sided immersive room composed of stereoscopic back projected screens. The HSIS Lab CAVE is currently the only existing 3D system utilized for human factors related research that is configured to accept multiple human inputs (glove, mouse, joystick, keyboard, passive neurophysiological control). This is a critical functionality to simulate hybrid-system interaction in VR for a variety of multi-modal input controls (touchscreens, buttons, etc.). The flexible virtual/physical setup facilitates quick experimental transitions and design changes. Human motion is tracked using wireless ART optical sensors. Surround sound capabilities are used to simulate audible signals from varying directions.

In addition to the CAVE, large screen interactive SmartBoards are used for 2D simulation of environments, which typically precedes 3D simulation. The SmartBoards are also used as a stand-alone tool for usability testing, survey deployment, and participant training prior to an experiment.

Multi-Modal Simulation Input Devices

Biosensors (Objective Human Performance Tools)

Disability Simulators for Device Interaction Testing (Heterogenous Population Simulation)

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